Exams must be scheduled with the lab of your choice at least 24 hours prior to testing. (Exception: Math and English placement allow for same day testing.)

Please click here watch a video to help guide you through scheduling your exam.

  1. Complete all of the drop down menus starting with “Choose a group
  2. Pick which Assessment Center you would like to test at.
  3. Complete the phone number field
  4. Complete the name and email fields
  5. Select the time of your exam (All available times will show).
  6. Select the date for your test (All available dates will be highlighted in dark red).
  7. Find your Instructor and the Exam number you want to schedule (Exam description with details of yoru exam will appear).
  8. Select the subject of your exam
  9. Choose which type of exam you are taking.
  10. Click on “Add to Cart.”
  11. Your exam is only in your cart and NOT scheduled yet.
  12. If you want to schedule another exam Click on “Add Another Exam
  13. If you are done scheduling then click “Complete Registration
  14. You will receive a confirmation email which lets you know your exam has been successfully scheduled.